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At Accretive Health our
focus is clear:

  • Our clients.
  • Their patients.
  • And the communities they serve.
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WHITE PAPER: The Provider Crossroad to Value-Based Reimbursement

The move toward value-based reimbursement is one of the biggest challenges for providers. Read how this transition can occur without negatively impacting profits.

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Ambulatory providers face biggest challenge on road to VBR

The transition to a value-based reimbursement model is a challenge for all providers. But the ambulatory and physician practice settings are facing an even tougher time, compared with large healthcare systems.

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Good RCM Partner Key to Successful Transition to Value-Based Care

Not all revenue cycle managers are created equal, nor should they be. Each has its own set of services it provides, or types of clients it is best suited to help (large, small or certain specialties).

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